MAXOLUTION® factory automation

You wish to automate your manufacturing and assembly processes as consistent as possible? But you also wish to keep your options open for the future and remain able to quickly react to market requirements? If yes, you probably ask yourself how to manage this difficult balance act. Based on the principles of Industry 4.0, we have brought our automation solutions to the next level.

Visions become solutions: Competent, tested, safe – and already available today

We contrive your future factory in exchangeable modules, so that you can react quickly to changes in the market requirements. Instead of inflexible systems such as stationary conveyor systems, we now lay the basis for your smart factory with the new, flexible and adaptable modular structure. Simply add, duplicate, or remove individual process modules as appropriate to your sales.

We prepare you and your production for Industry 4.0.

What is factory automation?

Factory automation is a part of automation technology. It gains more and more importance as Industry 4.0 keeps progressing. The discipline includes the entire production in a more or less complex structure. This includes all operational processes, handling, material flow, the collaboration of various components, machines and systems, as well as all controllers and the integration of data networks.

Manufacturers must always react quickly to changing market situations, as well as to the increasing demand for a higher level of individualization. This can only succeed if you radically rethink and change your production processes and manufacturing layouts. Instead of using stationary conveyor technology, production cells, processing centers, assembly stations and machines are intelligently linked together using mobile conveyor solutions, handling systems, and robots. This has the goal to increase availability, productivity, and system efficiency on the one hand, and to minimize operation costs on the other hand.

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