Automated guided vehicles: Concept study

  • Logistics capsule with its door open and holding crates, set in a manufacturing environment (trade fair booth demonstration)

Logistics capsules – self-driving, standardized vehicles for transporting goods – can facilitate uninterrupted supply chains for intralogistics. They can transport packaging units of goods both within a single plant and from one plant to another. Handling assistants are versatile, mobile, autonomous and cooperative robots. Thanks to their "Human Robot Cooperation" (HRC) functionality, they support human abilities and considerably reduce physical exertion required of your employees.

Our product

  • MAXOLUTION® logistics Capsule MAXO-MS-CA015 up to 1350 kg payload
  • MAXOLUTION® handling assistant MAXO-MS-HA001 up to 10 kg payload

Your benefits

  • Strain relief for employees

    Its robotic gripper arms take over the physically strenuous parts of the procedure
  • Smooth-running process sequences

    Integrates cutting-edge technology for location, navigation, and communications
  • Fast, wear-free transport

    MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer system operates by induction and can be used as a line cable and for intermittent point charging

Logistics capsule MAXO-MS-CA015


High, driverless transport capsule with roller shutter door, white on top with a red longitudinal stripe, gray on bottom, against white background
  • Self-driving, standardized goods transport vehicle
  • Autonomous transport of goods in packaging units
  • Transport within and outside of a plant
  • Autonomous interaction with other systems involved for a smooth exchange of goods
  • Continuous logistics chain (data and material flow level)

Technical data

  • Dimensions: L = 1000 mm, W = 1000 mm, H = 300 mm
  • Weight: min. 450 kg
  • Payload: up to 1350 kg
  • Speed: max. 1.5 m/s
  • Positioning accuracy: +/-2 mm bis +/-10 mm
  • Power supply: iInductive charging, energy storage unit
  • Navigation: free contour navigation, camera system, RFID*
  • Communication: WLAN
  • Drive concept: Differential drive
  • Travel time: up to 40 minutes
  • Curve radius: 3 m at 0.5 m/s

*RFIDradio-frequency identification

Autonomous transport of goods in crates or on pallets

Wouldn't it be a huge relief in terms of work and costs for your manufacturing operation if you could just dispense with forklifts? Imagine instead having your materials picked up at the warehouse in crates or pallets and delivered to the production hall by intelligent, fully autonomous goods transport vehicles. Technologies that have hardly left the drawing board elsewhere have already become reality here at SEW‑EURODRIVE.

Our self-driving logistics capsules open and close using a roller shutter door. If necessary, the capsules can be loaded and unloaded manually by employees. Intelligent communications technology allows safe, unproblematic collaboration between humans and technology.

As a cyber-physical system (CPS), the logistics capsule is able to interact with any other assistance systems integrated into business processes. It always knows exactly what it currently has loaded, and it finds the best way to get the goods to the right place at the right time all by itself.

Handling assistent MAXO-MS-HA001


Highly automated guided vehicle system, on which there is a yellow KUKA robot with gripper arm and control unit, deployed against a white background
  • Optimized support of human capabilities by means of a mobile, autonomous, cooperative robot
  • Diverse array of potential uses thanks to a variety of grippers:
    • Assembly and joining processes
    • Automated machine loading
    • Automated machine unloading
  • Mobile platform for maximum flexibility

Load handling devices:

  • Kuka robots which use the KRC4 Compact as a controller
  • Alternative robot
  • Application-specific tools


  • Pick-and-place activities
  • Assembly and joining activities
  • Commissioning activities
  • Loading and unloading of containers/machines

Technical data

  • Dimensions: L = 1000 mm, W = 780 mm, H = 850 mm
  • Weight: Min. 700 kg
  • Payload: Max. 400 kg
  • Speed: Max. 1 m/s
  • Robot speed: 2 m/s (linear)
  • Positioning accuracy: +/-5 mm to +/-10 mm
  • Power supply: inductive charging, double-layer capacitor
  • Navigation: free contour navigation, camera system, RFID*
  • Communication: VLC, WLAN
  • Drive concept: Differential drive
  • Travel time: up to 3 minutes
  • Curve radius: 1 m at 0.5 m/s

*RFIDradio-frequency identification

A robot arm assumes physically strenuous work

Yellow robot arm of the Handling Assistant from above, next to it a crate with raw material

Mobile handling assistants with different robot gripper arms are used in the Smart Factory to relieve the workload of the staff. They can be used in production in a variety of ways. In the production area, for example, handling assistants with magnetic grippers can assume the physically stressful "reaching into the crate". They thereby remove unsorted unmachined parts and blanks from crates and place them on a feed belt. After machining, another handling assistant collects the finished parts and converts them for the next work step.

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Factory automation is a part of automation technology. It gains more and more importance as Industry 4.0 keeps progressing.
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Factory automation is a part of automation technology. It gains more and more importance as Industry 4.0 keeps progressing.

Factory automation

Automated guided vehicles for the smart factory

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