10/10/2019 • The retail group REWE International Lager- und Transportgesellschaft builds on products and services of the SEW Eurodrive.

REWE has decided to equip the storage and retrieval machines in the high-bay warehouse in Wiener Neudorf with new drives from the drive engineer SEW-Eurodrive. The entire high-bay warehouse of the REWE International Warehouse and Transport Company in Wiener Neudorf offers 32,500 pallet spaces. There are around 3,210 pallets on a stacker crane, about 7,000 items are stored, and about 5,000 pallets are handled per day or 35 pallets per hour per RBG and outsourced.

To ensure that the delivery areas Vienna, Lower Austria, Burgenland, Styria and Carinthia continue to be supplied with fresh products smoothly, the drives in the stacker cranes had to be converted into high-bay warehouses.

It was necessary to replace the drive, as for the old components from 1998 by the original manufacturer no original spare parts were available. REWE International AG relies on products and services provided by the SEW Eurodrive. This is because the company can score points with future-proof products such as the modular MOVI-C modular automation system and has already won the trust of REWE through many years of cooperation.

  • Spare parts even after decades

From control cabinet conversion, cabling and engine replacement to commissioning, test operation and drive optimization: the entire project was completed in mid-October 2018 within two days. Manfred Jahn, technical project manager at SEW-Eurodrive, provides the main arguments for the implementation by the manufacturer of drive technology: "The most innovative technologies could be used without interfering with the existing control system from 1998. To ensure long-term availability of the components, we rely on the high-tech product MOVI-C, a complete solution for automation tasks from a single source. The customer can therefore rest assured that spare parts will still be available after decades. "Alois Schlaghuber, Authorized Officer Technical Management at REWE:" For REWE to remain a successful company, partners like SEW-Eurodrive not only need to list the problems, they also need them Offer solutions ".

  • Energy is fed back

A stacker crane, which consists of chassis, hoist and load handling devices, was brought to the latest state of the art without much effort. Whereby the integrated safety technology has been taken to the next level. The new drives enable a more even acceleration and deceleration of the travel movements of the stacker cranes. This protects the mechanical parts and reduces wear.

Jahn also emphasizes: "In order to prevent excess regenerative energy, which occurs during lowering and braking movements, from being unexploited, our power feeders were installed. These help to recycle energy and ultimately save costs. In addition, SEW Eurodrive servo geared motors and controllers have been chosen for all applications, which in turn leads to a significant reduction in noise emission. "The amount of pallets that are being converted has not changed due to the constant speed.

Manfred Ibounig, sales representative at SEW-Eurodrive - which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year - emphasizes the advantages: "Instead of dealing with different technologies and thus suppliers, the customer gets everything from a single source - from the project planning to the Maintenance of the drive solution. "