01/16/2022 • Vienna, January 2022: It's only a few kilometers, but for the technical office of SEW-EURODRIVE in Vorarlberg it is a big step into the future. The previous office in Dornbirn will become a Drive Center (DC) at the new location in Lustenau. The new DC-West was occupied at the beginning of the year.

TB-Dornbirn is expanded to Drive Center-West

On 2 June 2020, the start of construction for a new multifunctional company building in the Lustenau Millennium Park in Vorarlberg was celebrated. Here, a total of 353m2 of office space and 446m2 of production space form the new SEW location in Vorarlberg. The existing premises of the previous office turned out to be a growth bottleneck over the last few months, which the SEW team confirmed in the considerations of a new branch. In addition to countless advantages, this strategic decision also offers new potential for the customer.

In addition to the completion of the building, the extremely modern and innovative workshop as well as the employee offices have already been occupied. A well-developed infrastructure, an optimal local transport connection and sophisticated architectural designs characterize the modern operating and office project.

The SEW-EURODRIVE team would like to thank all those who made the project possible and is very pleased to welcome you to the new location in the future.

Customer service of the highest quality

The best possible support with short reaction times as well as comprehensive service in any form are offered for the delivered drives and systems. Vorarlberg, Tyrol and the border triangle are an important economic area and of considerable importance for the location in Lustenau. There is a high concentration of essential production plants in the region.

The DC-West team is pleased to be able to serve customers even better in the future with new, highly trained personnel.

New location enables more service

In addition to opening up the local service market, intensifying customer relationships and increasing new business in the region, the new location offers essential strategic advantages for the customer. We offer a comprehensive range of new services such as replacement repairs, on-site service as well as repair and inspections,

Pick-up and drop-off service, 24-hour hotline, training courses, workshops and much more.

Technicians at the Drive Center-West can be at the customer's site as quickly as possible, spare parts are delivered quickly and repairs are carried out quickly and flexibly. This service is intended to avoid production downtimes and reduce plant downtimes to a minimum. In addition, training courses for the customer can be held locally and much more efficiently due to shorter travel times.

In addition to the DTC (Drive Technology Center) in Vienna, SEW-EURODRIVE currently maintains two technical offices (Linz and Graz) and coordinates sales in Croatia, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. With the relocation and expansion of the TB Dornbirn to the DC-West in Lustenau, customers especially from the west of Austria can be looked after even better. SEW-EURODRIVE Austria is proud of this development and is looking forward to the new opportunities that will arise for SEW-EURODRIVE customers.

Drive Center – West, Lustenau

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