Powerful worm gear units S..7p

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Their cost-effectiveness comes from their simple design. The individual coordination of torque and speed enable you to make the most of the space that is available for the installation of the worm gear units. The new S..7p (power) series offers even higher torque in all seven sizes, thus also deliver a higher power density.

More torque

Powerful worm gear units
Powerful worm gear units
Powerful worm gear units

Worm gear units are space-saving, economical, continuous-running units and are established in many applications. It is precisely these reliable drives that the experts in our development department have now been able to improve once again.

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This PDF gives you all information about the torque increase with the new S..7p worm gear units.

Your benefits

  • More safety when using devices,

    as the increased torques lead to higher operating factors (fB).
  • Size jump down,

    since you may be able to use a smaller size for new projects.
  • Increased combinatorics and more possibilities,

    as the new operating factors result in additional gear-motor combinations.
  • Always at the cutting edge of technology,

    without this causing additional costs for you.