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Your benefits

Greater productivity
can be achieved with this low-maintenance electrified monorail drive as as it enables a high degree of system availability.

Special running smoothness
is achieved thanks to our EMS gearmotors due to their vibration-free operation.

Quiet drives
are important particularly at manual work stations - so use the low-noise drives of this series.

Space-saving installation
is made possible by the compact design of our electrified monorail drives of the HW series.

Electrified monorail system drives for heavy loads
Quiet and space-saving design: EMS drives of the HW series for light loads

Are electrified monorail systems also an essential means of transport in your production lines? Finding the optimum drive at SEW-EURODRIVE isn't hard. This is because our drives are of course oriented to your transported goods and your application. In this way, our EMS drives ensure optimum performance, conveyor speed and lift capacity - all according to your needs.

The electrified monorail drives of the HW series are designed for applications in light load range. They comply with the specifications of the C1 Directive (VDI RI-3643) and are very quiet.

The particularly compact HW10 in right-angle design for light loads is the latest, extremely compact size for light loads and delivers a maximum torque of 20 Nm and a permissible wheel load of up to 2500 N.

A maximum torque of 70 Nm and a permissible wheel load of up to 5600 N can be achieved with size HW30.

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  • Two sizes mean optimal matching of the conveying capacity, conveyor speed and lift capacity to the selection
  • Comply with the specifications of the C1 Directive (VDI RL-3643)
  • Reliable disengageable coupling
  • Low-maintenance drives
  • Smooth running for operation without vibration
  • Low-noise, also suitable for manual work stations
  • Compact design for space-saving installation
  • Impressive energy saving potential of motors in efficiency class IE2, IE3 or IE4
  • Reliable disk brakes for reproducible stopping accuracy
  • Only high-quality winding wires and insulating materials are used to ensure the inverter's fault-free operation
  • Electrified monorail drives can be combined with many options from the range of modular systems offered by SEW-EURODRIVE
HW series – light load range
Maximum output torque
Permitted wheel load
2 5005 600
Gear ratio
6.75 – 16.58.2 – 75
Shaft d x l
14 x 2820 x 35
25 x 35
  • Optimized for use in electrified monorail system for light loads and in compliance with VDI Directive 3643 (C1 standard)
  • Floor conveyors
  • Switch setting drives