Electrified monorail system EMS safety

The electrified monorail system EMS safety offers the right solution for complex, process-integrated transportation tasks with higher personal safety requirements.

Intelligent EMS control with safety technology

EMS safety from SEW-EURODRIVE for complex, process-integrated transportation tasks
EMS safety for complex, process-integrated transportation tasks
EMS safety for complex, process-integrated transportation tasks

Our EMS safety offers the right solution for complex, process-integrated transportation tasks with multi-axis control and integrated functional safety technology.

The MOVISAFE® HM31 integrated safety controller monitors the position and speed. It enables the implementation of SLS/SLP functions. An additional safe brake control is intended for the lifting axis. Loads can be optimally monitored via safe inputs and outputs.

WLAN communication is secure and takes place entirely via the slotted waveguide.. It shields the WLAN communication to the outside to prevent interference with other WLAN networks in the vicinity. The WLAN signals have a high data transmission rate that allow video streaming for maintenance purposes, for instance. The signals have a lower attenuation, meaning that fewer Access Points are required in comparison to open WLAN, which in turn results in reduced installation and startup times. Interruption-free roaming enables you to automatically and seamlessly changed between two Access points in spite of a secure communication protocol. Communication problems are a thing of the past.

Our TÜV-certified barcode reading system enables safe position detection with only one barcode reader.

Our MOVIVISION® parameterizable plant software manages the entire track. It is a parameterizable plant software that offers modern and central data management of all plant parameters, and that enables you to plan, simulate and emulate your system.

Save space, increase safety – more flexibility with Safe Distance Monitoring (SDM®)

The innovative “Safe Distance Monitoring (SDM®)” safety function is part of the MAXOLUTION® system solution and guarantees that minimum distances are observed while still allowing for high flexibility.

Also the jury of the Handling Award 2016 is convinced of the benefits of Safe Distance Monitoring from SEW‑EURODRIVE. Our SDM solution won second prize in the category “Quality and Safety” at this Handling Award. Do you, too, want to ensure safety and quality in your systems?

Your features and benefits:

  • Smooth integration without changes to the mechanical design
  • Space-optimized production
  • High employee safety for dynamic production processes
  • Ensuring safe distances even in curves allowing for expansionof the assembly area
  • Virtual extension of the mechanical distances
Functional principle

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Your benefits

  • Comprehensive safety functions

    including the innovative “Safe Distance Monitoring (SDM®)” safety function as part of the system solution “EMS Safety”
  • Fast installation

    and startup thanks to our decentralized components and parameterizable MOVIVISION® plant software
  • Detailed diagnostics

    thanks to our MOVIVISION® information database structure
  • Secure WLAN communication

    in the slotted waveguide to shield communication from other wireless networks or other sources of interference
  • Long range

    thanks to the high data transmission rate of the slotted waveguide
  • All components from one source

    because we view the entire functional system from the track to the vehicle, right through to data management

System features

  • Drive components from our proven modular concept
  • Secure and interruption-free, shielded WLAN communication in the slotted waveguide
  • Conductor rails for energy transfer
  • Continuous positioning with 2D barcode
  • MOVIPRO® decentralized drive, positioning and application control
  • MOVISAFE® HM31 safety controller for implementing SLS and SLP
  • Plan, simulate and emulate with MOVIVISION® parameterizable plant software
  • LSI operator panel with integrated touchscreen for track visualization

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