MAXOLUTION® provides a holistic solution for continuous or synchronized mounting platforms with an integrated lift table for ergonomic working.

Innovative system solutions for skillets: modular, flexible, scalable


The entire WLAN communication occurs through our slotted waveguide. This shields the WLAN from the outside to prevent interferences with other WLAN networks in the vicinity. The signals have a high data transmission rate. Less access points are needed due to the minimal damping of signals compared to free WLAN which means installation and setup time is reduced.

Energy is transferred either via conductor rails or via our MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer system. This solution provides the benefit of wear-free and low-maintenance energy transfer.

Using our barcode reader system we can provide the precise, continuous and safe detection and control of individual platform positions.

MOVIVISION®, our parameterizable plant software, undertakes the entire track management. This represents modern and centralized data management of all plant parameters at the same time as being parameterizable plant software which allows you to plan, simulate and emulate your plant in advance.

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Your benefits

  • Fast installation

    and startup thanks to our decentralized components and parameterizable MOVIVISION® plant software
  • Detailed diagnostics

    by means of the MOVIVISION® information database structure
  • WLAN in the slotted waveguide

    for shielding communication from other wireless networks or other sources of interference
  • Long range

    thanks to the slotted waveguide's high data transmission rate
  • All components from a single source

    because we take into account the entire functional system from the track to vehicle through to data management

System scope

  • Drive components from our proven modular concept
  • Interference free and shielded WLAN communication in the slotted waveguide
  • MOVITRANS® contactless energy transfer system
  • Continuous positioning with 2D barcode
  • MOVIPRO®decentralized drive, positioning, and application controller
  • Planning, simulation and emulation with parameterizable MOVIVISION®plant software
  • LSI operator panel for track visualization with integrated touchscreen

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