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As simple as it is groundbreaking: QR code labels on our products increase the added value of online support and customer convenience. By storing a unique URL with serial number, the small squares with black and white pixels function like an individual fingerprint. Just scan them with your mobile device and in a matter of seconds you will have comprehensive access to your specific Digital Services in Online Support directly at the point of use of your product.

Digital Services: fast product-specific access to online support

Digital Services: fast product-specific access to online support

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These pixels open up a new world of added value for you: Simply scan the QR code on the product and you'll dive deep into our online support, and with Digital Services you'll get exactly the material you need directly on site for your individual product. Read here how it works and learn all about your new options.

Uwe Zurth: "The new speed is a huge advantage for our customers."

Uwe Zurth: "The new speed is a huge advantage for our customers."

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Are you tired of laboriously bending your way to the product in the system, copying serial numbers from type plates and using them to search for the right information? No problem. We understand! Find out interesting background information about QR codes and our digital services in the interview with Uwe Zurth, Head of Customer Benefits at SEW-EURODRIVE.

Your benefits

  • Save time and make work easier

    with immediate access to Digital Services in Online Support - from commissioning to maintenance and repairs
  • Quick help in case of troubles

    thanks to error analysis optimized for mobile devices and the possibility of a direct service request or spare parts order - around the clock.
  • Easy installation and commissioning

    thanks to quick access to product data and documentation and - in the case of gearmotors - to the product image for checking the installation position.
  • Ensure future-proofness

    because further digital services are in preparation for you with predictive maintenance, condition monitoring and commissioning assistance.

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