For fat performance

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Each of our drive systems meets the highest standards. This means that not only the main actors, such as the motor and gear unit, have to be in top shape. All the auxiliary actors also have to perform at their best. Lubricants and greases, for example. Our SEW Grease was specially developed for use in highly stressed rolling bearings and shaft sealing rings of gear units and motors.

For high thermal and mechanical demands

90 years of experience in gear manufacturing and mature tribological practical knowledge were the basis: SEW Grease is the result. A high-performance special grease for highly stressed bearings and seals. Low coefficients of friction and high thermal and mechanical stability are its hallmarks. Its exceptional service life ensures long maintenance cycles. Shelf life extends up to 36 months, simplifying internal logistics.

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Would you like to know more about SEW GREASE? In this PDF we give you answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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Your benefits

  • Save time and costs

    no time-consuming search for a suitable gear grease for bearings and shaft seals.
  • Safety

    through extensively tested compatibility with SEW GearOil lubricants.
  • Investment protection

    minimized wear on the sealing rings and reduced risk of premature rolling bearing failure.

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