Smart factory assembly and smart factory production

  • Human worker and assembly assistant

SEW‑EURODRIVE was quick to embrace Industry 4.0 in its own plants, and now you too can benefit from this track record. Working with you and taking full advantage of our own experience, we develop and design the ideal concepts for logistics, assembly and production in your smart factory.

Perfect symbiosis of people and technology in line with Industry 4.0

Smart factory production

Auch im Fertigungsbereich bieten die Ansätze von Industrie 4.0 viele Möglichkeiten die Prozesse zu optimieren und die Mitarbeiter zu entlasten.
Industrie 4.0 - Vernetzung in der Fertigung

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Auch im Fertigungsbereich bieten die Ansätze von Industrie 4.0 viele Möglichkeiten die Prozesse zu optimieren und die Mitarbeiter zu entlasten.

Video: Smart factory production based on lean principles

Industry 4.0 offers a whole range of options for optimizing processes and lightening the workload of staff – and that includes in production operations at your company. At your request, we can support you in your planning from the very outset and help you boost your production capacities.

To this end, we divide your production into fractals in line with lean principles. The next step is to work with you to improve each of these fractals so that you can run at maximum efficiency and productivity across the board, whether cutting materials to size or machining them.

Smart factory assembly

Basic design for smart factory assembly

We develop our concepts for smart factory assembly in line with the one-piece flow value creation principle and tried-and-tested lean production principles. They include:

  • Smart factory organization in line with Industry 4.0
  • Robust and disruption-free process modules
  • Product-optimized process modules
  • Best-point supply of materials and tools (best-point principle)
  • Ergonomic workplace design
  • Process orientation and flow orientation
  • Focusing on value creation
  • Needs-based technology

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Videos will give you an insight into the options that our smart factory solutions offer.

3D rendering: View from above, looking down onto an automated assembly process
Industry 4.0 – Simulation

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Industry 4.0 - On the route

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Industry 4.0 - Material supply

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Industry 4.0 - Assembly assistent CPS

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Industry 4.0 - Logistics product transport

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  1. 1
    Routes (simulation and real)
  2. 2
    Logistics assistant (independent navigation)
  3. 3
    Logistics assistant (material transport)
  4. 4
    Assembly assistant (cyber-physical system)
  5. 5
    Assembly assistant (lightening the workload of staff)
  6. 6
    Logistics assistant (finished products)

Gamification – creating assembly orders (batch building) almost as if playing a game

Are your workers becoming gamers? This evocative image is particularly fitting when digital change based on Industry 4.0 starts to creep into the real working environment in industry. Processes start to resemble a digital game between the virtual and the real world.

Software interface for batch building
Typical batch building in assembly
Typical batch building in assembly

Smart digitalization in the factory wherever you look: The configurator, which you use to design your product, creates the work packages and passes them to the architect of value creation. The architect then pulls together the batches (assembly orders) to be assembled, as if setting out a game plan. The architect has a certain amount of time before he or she has to send the batches to the various assembly cells. During this time, he or she "plays around" with the orders until the ideal logistical solution has been found. The idea is ultimately to make sure the resultant batches deliver the optimum conditions for production.

As soon as the architect has transferred the work batches to assembly, assembly workers can see the new batches to be processed on the order display. Based on urgency or the availability of materials, the workers then pick the next batch, load it onto the assembly assistants and start processing the order. The assembly assistant subsequently helps them in their work.

At the same time, the batches are also transferred to the logistics coordinator, who controls the logistics assistants . These mobile systems are supplied with the components needed for the upcoming assembly orders in the warehouse. They then take the components to the relevant assembly center.

New mobile logistics concepts for intelligent networking in assembly and production

It all starts with a realistic simulation: This gives you the opportunity to test out, run through and optimize routes in the finest of detail. After that, all it takes is one click to transfer data to the real world of your automation.

These routes are the arteries of your intelligent factory. They are used by a wide range of mobile assistance systems specially developed by us that link together individual processes in assembly and in production.

Logistics assistants (material delivery)

Always the right attachment components at the right time: The flat logistics assistants transport order-based material and thus supply the assembly cells. These mobile helpers can carry up to 1.5 metric tons and navigate independently.

Assembly assistants (cyber-physical systems)

Assembly assistants help staff in their work. As cyber-physical systems (CPS) – a combination of IT and software on the one hand and mechanical and electronic components on the other – they embody the digital transformation in your production operations. They carry all necessary product-related and customer-related data. As a result, they support your workers, making their jobs easier.

Logistics assistant (transportation of final products)

These logistics assistants transport the products that have been completed in assembly and thus connect assembly to downstream production processes.

Logistics assistants (production)

Autonomous logistics assistants reliably network all upcoming machining steps in production that are taken care of by machines, such as turning, milling, curing, etc.

Handling assistant (production)

Mobile assistance systems also make processes easier in production. Handling assistants predominantly take care of monotonous jobs such as inserting parts into machines, and thus lighten the workload for operators.

Logistics capsule (production)

Do you want an intelligent way to transfer your machined individual parts from production to your assembly plant? Our logistics capsules offer a solution for seamlessly networking these two areas in your plant.

What was once a vision in our showcase factory at the Graben-Neudorf site, is today the nucleus for a whole array of new, specially developed smart solutions and the starting point for smart factory projects that have been implemented with customers worldwide.

The focused implementation of lean principles and Industry 4.0 approaches paves the way for perfectly networked, modular and highly efficient production – in a batch size of one, if that's what the customer needs. So what is the key to your success? It is the incomparable symbiosis of people and technology along the entire value chain – from configuration and production to assembly and all the way to delivery!

By implementing smart networking between individual production steps to form one efficient overall process, you can tap into tangible potential savings. On the one hand, you save valuable production time as a manufacturer and, on the other, you lower the expenditure on technical production resources. At the same time, the technologies you deploy provide perfect support for the people in your factory. All in all, the fourth industrial revolution will fit out your factory for the future.

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Factory automation is a part of automation technology. It gains more and more importance as Industry 4.0 keeps progressing.
Factory automation | MAXOLUTION® | SEW-EURODRIVE

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Factory automation is a part of automation technology. It gains more and more importance as Industry 4.0 keeps progressing.

Factory automation

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